How to use the digital stamp in 13 short steps. 

  1. Open Payment Stamp (PDF attached below).
  2. Fill out the Fields. Note Location is: 11/91.
  3. Digitally sign, Invoices over $100K will need two signatures (please check with your supervisor)
  4. Save.
  5. Open Invoice PDF.
  6. Click on Comment.
  7. Click on Stamp Icon.
  8. Create Custom Stamp.
  9. Name Custom Stamp.
  10. Click on Browse, Import Stamp.
  11. Go Back to the Stamp Icon.
  12. Click on your Stamp Icon and Place it on your Invoice.
  13. Save and Email Invoice and Purchase Order to: CMW Detroit Production Invoices (DET-CMW) <>.

A big thanks to Karen & Glenn in the studio for creating, and to Flaker & Nish for testing and typing the Mac instructions! Again this stamp is to use for those of you who submit invoices from the road. If you have any question please let Jessica Dorn know.