NOTICE: this document is provided by the Detroit Commonwealth Help Desk in order to provide interim guidance for to Detroit users, and is not intended to replace the forthcoming IPG-provided training resources.

What is it? is a web-based file sharing application that enables Commonwealth employees to share files globally without many of the technical restrictions of traditional file servers.’s light collaboration capabilities (folder descriptions, file commenting and basic task assignment, custom file/folder tagging, etc.) and user-driven folder permission control sets Box apart from traditional file servers, allowing for easy sharing of files, in-line file and folder descriptions, and easy-to-use security that doesn’t require IT staff intervention.

In short, it’s web-based file server in the cloud that’s accessible just about anywhere in the world that puts you in charge—VPN not required.

Who has access?

All of Commonwealth and most of McCann, worldwide. You can share files with just about anybody, including those not a part of the IPG family.

NOTETrubiquity is still the only GM-approved file transfer service. We cannot guarantee the operability of within GM walls at this time.

If you invite someone without a account to collaborate on a file/folder, that user will be guided through the creation of a “freemium” account, which takes but 30 seconds to complete.

How do I use it?

Using your IPG credentials, log in via a web browser (Chrome, Safari or Firefox recommended) at

Uploading Files

Getting your data is easy: just as you can drag and drop files and folders into folders on your computer—or file servers, you can drag and drop your data into Box.

Do note, however, that since you’re copying files not to a local file server, but a cloud-based server instead, that upload times are greater. We think you’ll find the benefits typically outweigh the downsides.

You may also use the Upload button to be walked through the process.

Sharing Data

Sharing a file or folder is quite simple. Click the Share link to the right of your file/folder, and you’ll be presented with basic options for sharing.

However, if you require further control over who can do what with the data you’re sharing, click the “Advanced options” link shown above to reveal a window presenting you with very granular control over collaborator permissions:

Using this dialog box, you can invite someone with a personal message, and choose a permission level that is appropriate to their role.

This can be done more than once, each time with collaborators being given differing levels of permissions.

Managing Files and Folders

Making Folders

Just like your computer and the server, allows you to organize your files and folders into folders.

Moving and Copying

The web interface supports drag and drop extensively, so you may simple drag and drop your files and folders into whichever destination you prefer (assuming you have the access to do so). You also have the option of clicking a file/folder’s options menu and choosing “Move or Copy”.

Expiring Data

In a file/folder’s Properties, you have the ability to set an expiration date for that data, allowing you to specify a date at which that data “unshares” itself, or outright deletes itself. This can greatly help keep clean, which we highly encourage.

Tagging Data

Much like Google Drive or Gmail, in addition to organizing your data using folders, you can tag your data with pre-defined tags—as well as tags of your own choosing—which makes finding your data easier later.

Additional Resources

If you'd like further help, the following may be of use: