What is Trubiquity?

Trubiquity is a secure file transfer service. It is the only officially sanctioned method of sending large files to individuals (or groups) within General Motors. GM IT regularly scans for and blocks alternative methods of file/data transfer, for numerous reasons. If you need to send a file to GM, Trubiquity is the only guaranteed way to do so.

How do I sign up?

Using Firefox or Safari (sorry, Trubiquity does not work in Chrome just yet), visit https://www.gmassetdelivery.com/ and click New User Registration. Fill out the form on the next page (be sure to join the existing company for Commonwealth, as well as the existing location. This will pre-populate a number of fields for you), then click Submit.

I'm having trouble.

First, be sure to use Firefox or Safari. We often see people attempting to log in via Chrome, which is incapable of running the required Java plugins, thus blocking login. Next, ensure that you are running the current version of Java.  Finally, follow the steps at this link to adjust your Java settings to allow the Trubiquity Java script to do what it needs to do: Trubiquity Java Settings (Mac)

My client doesn't want to use Trubiquity.

Then they've chosen to ignore mandated policy by GM IT, and if we do the same, we're guilty of breach-of-contract (that's a Very Bad Thing™). If they refuse to use it, ask them to provide an alternative that does not place potentially sensitive data at risk.


helpdesk@commonwealth-team.com. Our operators are standing by.