**This article is intended for employees of Commonwealth//McCann.**

Every 60 days, you'll be required to change your password on the IPG network. Doing so will affect everything that relies on IPG directory services, which includes your computer password, oneConnect wireless, IPG email, servers, Box.com, etc.—just about everything.

Currently, the rules for passwords on the IPG network are as follows:

  • Must be at least 8 characters in length.
  • Must not contain either your first or last name.
  • Must contain all of the following 4:
    • Upper case letters.
    • Lower case letters.
    • Numbers.
    • Symbols/punctuation.
  • Cannot be one of your previous 11 passwords.

If you are out of the office and need to change your password, you have two options to do so.

NOTE: You will want to update each and every other device (i.e. smartphone and tablet) that you have access your IPG email and wifi networks (oneConnect) once you've completed the steps below. If you do not do this, these devices will repeatedly attempt to log in as you using your old password, which will cause your account to become temporarily locked.

Option 1: VPN

This is the preferred method, as doing so will ensure that your computer itself is updated with your new credentials, and will keep things moving smoothly. If your password has expired, however, this will not work. Please proceed to option 2.

Instructions to VPN in to our office network are located at the link below:


Once connected to our network via VPN, you can follow the normal procedures for changing your password:

Changing Your IPG Password (Mac)

Changing Your IPG Password (Windows)

Option 2: Webmail

If you are unable to VPN in to our network (if, for example, your password has already expired), you can change your password via webmail:


When logging in to webmail, make sure to put IPGNA\ in front of your user name in the user name field, OR use your full email address). If your password has already expired, you should be prompted to choose a new password. Simply choose a new password that conforms to IPG password requirements, and you're done. If not, continue reading.

Once logged in, click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the window. Select "Change Password" from the drop down menu to navigate the the change password page:

Note: If you change your IPG password when out of office via Webmail, you will may still need to provide your previous password when logging into your computer (for example, when you restart your computer or attempt to wake it from sleep, you will continue to use your OLD password until you plug your computer in to our network the next time you are in the office). However, Outlook, Apple Mail, webmail, mail on your mobile device, and any IPG web resources which utilize your IPG password will require your NEW password. Should you get prompted for a password, always try your new password first, and if that fails, try your old password.  

Mac Users: When you change your password via webmail, you may get pop up's asking for your "Keychain" password. You can either bring your machine to the Help Desk office and we can resolve this, or you can follow the instructions at this link after you've returned to the office: helpdesk.commonwealth-team.com/solution/categories/76061/folders/124653/articles/104569-resetting-your-keychain-password