**This article is intended for employees of Commonwealth//McCann.**

Find someone

Connect with people in your organization, or with friends who have a Skype account.
  1. Type a name in the Search box. As soon as you do, the tabs below the Search fieldchange from this:

    to this:

  2. If the person is in your organization, stay on the MY CONTACTS tab. If not, click on the SKYPE DIRECTORY tab. It will narrow your search if you know their full name or Skype user name.

Add a Contact

Once you find a person, add them to your Contacts list for quick access.
  1. Right-click the name in the search results.
  2. Click Add to Contact List.
  3. Pick a group to add your new contact to. 

View a contact card

  1. Hover over a contact picture.
  2. Click the Contact Card button to open Contact Card.

Create a group

Set up a group for each team you work with so you quickly see who’s available, or  communicate with the entire team at once.
  1. Click the Add a Contact button.
  2. Select Create a New Group.
  3. Begin typing your new group name.

Send an instant message

Use instant messaging (IM) to touch base with your contacts right away.
  1. In your Contacts list, point to the contact you want to IM. If you want to IM with more than one contact, hold down the Ctrl key and click each contact name.
  2. Click the IM button.
  3. Type your message and  press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Need to add someone to  the IM?

From the main Skype for  Business window, drag a contact pic onto the IM window.

Add audio, video and share files in an IM conversation

Switch between conversations

If you have several conversations  or meetings going on at the  same time, Skype for Business  displays them all in one place, so  you can toggle between them. 

Click a tab on the left to view an  IM conversation.

Find a previous IM conversation

If you use Outlook and Exchange, Skype for Business automatically saves your IM conversation history. To view or continue a previous IM conversation or see an IM request you missed:

  1. Click the Conversations tab.
  2. Click the All or Missed tab. If you  don’t see the conversation you’re looking for, click View More in Outlook at the bottom of the list.
  3. Double-click the conversation that  you want to open.


Want to shut your virtual office door?

Presence is automatically set based on your  Outlook calendar but you can change it temporarily if you want to. Presence status is a quick way for other people see whether or not you’re free to chat. Here are the presence settings you can change:

Which Skype should I use?