**This article is intended for employees of Commonwealth//McCann.**

Printer Setup Guide (PC)

Adding the new printers (printers should be installed by default):

*First, find the name of the printer you want to print to. All printers should be labeled (For example, DET500PR1801).

1.  Go to Start -> In the search box, type \\detcmwapp003\ and hit enter.

2. Here is a list of all printers on floors 17 and 18. Find your printer from the list.

3. Double click on the installer icon. This will automatically install the print driver and add it to your list of printers.

4. If you want to set it as your default printer, navigate to Start -> Devices and Printers, right click on the printer and select “Set as Default”.


The first time you print you will be prompted to setup your passcode. We recommend a 4 digit, easy to remember, but not too simple passcode.  We strongly discourage using 1234.  This passcode will apply for all printers in the office, and you will need to enter it to release print jobs from the printer:

1. Hit the Job Status button on the printer (a gray circle button).

2. Look for your name and/or the document name you sent to the printer.

3. Click on it using the touch screen and select “Release”.

4. Enter the 4 digit passcode you set up. The document should then be released and the printer will start printing.

Changing / Forgot Your Printer Passcode

If you forgot your password or want to change it, follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to Start -> Devices and Printers

2. Right click on the printer and go to “Printing Preferences”

3. Click on the “…” to the right of Secure Print (see right)

4. Enter your new Passcode and hit “Okay”.

5. Resend your print job.