**This article is intended for employees of Commonwealth//McCann.**


Outlook 2010 has an Archive function built in that creates all necessary les and folders for you. We highly recommend using this feature, as it can automatically traverse all of your server-based folders and archive items for you, based upon age, ensuring nothing falls though the cracks.

From the File menu, choose the Info section.

Within Info, select Archive... from the Cleanup Tools button menu. 

Choose the folder from which you’d like to archive items, which is most likely the topmost item (just above your Inbox).

Then, choose the date from which you’d like to archives items dated prior to. Click OK

Shortly, you will see a new “Archives” section in your Outlook folder list—mirroring your server folder hierarchy—containing your newly-archived items. 

Done! Outlook will now automatically archive messages based on the criteria you set up.