**This article is intended for employees of Commonwealth//McCann.**

  1. Open your app drawer and look for settings (or navigate to settings another way).

  2. Inside the settings, look for Accounts or the Add Account Button.

  3. Under the Add Account screen, look for Corporate or Active Sync or Exchange (may vary depending on Phone and OS):

  4. Enter your company email and password on the Account Setup screen that comes up:

  5. If it asks to select the account type, we're setting up Exchange, not POP3 or IMAP:

  6. The next screen will confirm your account settings, and here you will have to make some changes. Your DOMAIN\USERNAME should be IPGNA\login You will need to use a backslash ( \ ) in the username, not a forward slash ( / ). You will also change the server to outlook.office365.com, not yourcompany.com. The other settings we can leave alone:

  7. To comply with the IPG Mobile Devices policy, you will be prompted to accept the security features that comes with mobile devices:

  8.  Next, configure how you want the account to sync with your device. Most people will leave these at default, but they can be changed later.

  9. The next screen will give you the option to nickname the account to make it easily readable. you can name it, or keep the default.

  10. You're (almost) done! your device may prompt you to activate what they call "Device administrator", this allows the app to do the things IPG needs to allow mail on your device. It might appear in your notification drawer. Click it to launch confirmation window.

  11. You'll get a message that your email requires you to update your security settings. Press OK to continue.

  12. You'll see the "Activate device administrator" screen, where you'll be presented with the controls the server is requesting, and the option to activate or cancel. Tap "Activate" to activate these features and start syncing email.