**This article is intended for employees of Commonwealth//McCann.**

***In order to complete this process, you will need to have the Microsoft Authenticator app configured on your mobile device for IPG two-factor authentication: Microsoft Authenticator Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Setup***

***iOS 11 or later is required to configure IPG email on your iOS device. If you are on an older version of iOS and need to update, go to Settings/General/Software Update and run any available software updates.***

1. Open the Settings App on your phone:

2. Inside of Settings, scroll down and select "Accounts & Passwords" (if you're on iOS 13 or earlier) or "Mail" and then "Accounts" (if you're on iOS 14 or later):

 iOS 13 or earlier

iOS 14 or later

3. Under Accounts, select the "Add Account" option:

4. In the account type selection screen, select "Exchange" or "Microsoft Exchange" (DO NOT CHOOSE OUTLOOK.COM):

5. In the Account Information screen, fill in your information accordingly. Description is totally up to you, you can put "work email", "Commonwealth", "CMW"; whatever you want to label this account to distinguish it from any other mail accounts you have on your device:


6. You'll be presented with a popup asking to Configure Manually or Sign In. Select "Sign In".

7. Next you'll be presented with a screen asking to select Work or school account or Personal account. Select "Work or school account":


8. Next you'll be presented with a OnePass login screen. Enter your email address and password and click "Sign On":

9. Next, you'll be presented with a screen to Approve Sign-in Request via the Microsoft Authenticator app. If you've set the app up to send you notifications, you will receive a push notification within a few seconds telling you that you've received a verification request. If you've set the Authenticator up to require a code from the app, then you'll need to go to the Microsoft Authentcator app and get the code. You may also have set up Authenticator to text you a code, and in that case, you'd need to retrieve the code from the text message. 

10. Toggle over to Microsoft Authenticator app to respond to the authentication request by tapping "Approve". 

11. You can now toggle back over to the Settings app, where you should then be presented with a screen asking which features you'd like to sync (Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes). They will all be on by default. Toggle off the features you don't want to sync (I've toggled off Reminders and Notes), and when you're done, click Save in the upper right corner:

12. Now you're done! 

NOTE: If you choose to sync Contacts with your Commonwealth account, it may make your Commonwealth account your default account for new contacts.  So, any contacts that you enter into your phone will go into your Commonwealth account contacts group, and, if/when you delete the Commonwealth account off of your phone, all of those contacts will go with it.  You may want to change this back to your iCloud account, or whatever you had set as your default contacts list previously.  To do this, go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars, scroll down to the Contacts section, click Default Account, and choose which account you'd like new contacts to be added to by default.