**This article is intended for employees of Commonwealth//McCann.**

Setting Up Secure Print

In an open document:

  1. Click File, then Print.

  2. In the Print menu, open the drop down menu by clicking the "Layout" or "Copies & Pages", and then select "Fiery Features". This will give you access to advanced Fiery settings for your printout.

    The default view may be different depending on the program you are printing from.

  3. In the "Fiery Features" section, click on "Customize". This will open the Customize Quick Access View window.
  4.  In the Customize Quick Access View Window, expand the Job Info section by clicking the arrow, then select Secure Print, and Click on >>Add>> to add it to Quick Access, then use Move Up to move it to the top of the list. Press OK to save and close.


  5. Back on the Print window, create a Secure Print Password.

    Be sure your Secure Print password is unique to you, as the printer will display all jobs sent with that password, including other people's. The password can be up to 31 characters and can be upper, lower, or numbers.

  6. Next, we will save this as a Apple Printing preset. Under the Presets setting, change "Default Settings" to "Save Current Settings as a Preset..."
  7. Give it a name, something like Secure Print. You can also add the code to it to help you remember. Set it for "All Printers", then click OK:

  8. Click on Print to send it to the printer.


When printing with Adobe

Many Adobe products (like Photoshop or InDesign) can bypass the standard Apple Print Dialogue Box, bypassing the use of Secure Print. Be sure to open the Apple Print Dialogue Box and verify Secure Print will be used.

If you forget your secure print code, you can create a new one using the steps above. You will need to re-print anything printed with the forgotten code, as the new code will only release printed items that match that code.

Retrieving your Prints

  1. On the printer touch screen interface, touch the "Fiery" button. If you do not see it, press "Services Home" under the screen to go to the Home Screen.
  2. In the Fiery interface, touch the "Secure" tab to launch Secure Print.

  3. In the Secure Print interface, touch the empty password box to launch password entry.
  4. In the Password Entry, enter the password you created. Remember, passwords are Case Sensitive!! Touch "Save" when done.
  5. The password box should now be filled. Touch OK to list all jobs that were sent with that Secure Print password.