**This article is intended for employees of Commonwealth//McCann.**

Note: In order to add or remove users from a list, you must be the owner of the list.

1. Navigate to the Home tab on outlook, and go to the Address Book under the "find" Category.

2. With the Address Book open, search for the Distribution List you are looking to add/remove people from. Once you have found it, double click on the group.

3. A menu showing you the owner, and all of the members, of the group should have opened up. Beneath all the members should be a button called "Modify Members..." click on the button.

4. A menu should open up with the list of all the members, with options to add and remove to the right of the list.

To Add Members:
Click on the add button to the right of the members. This will open up the address book, allowing you to search for which ever user you would like to add. You can add as many as you would like at one time.

To Remove Members:

First, highlight the user you would like to remove. Then click the remove button, and it will remove that user from the list!

5. Once you have done all the changes you wanted to, click on the Ok button. Clicking on cancel will not save any of your changes. Then, on the past screen click Apply. After that, all of your changes should take effect. However, it can take up to 24 hours for the updates to appear for other users - keep this in mind when making changes!