**This article is intended for employees of Commonwealth//McCann.**

As we deploy Enterprise Connect for changing passwords on the Mac, you may have accidentally changed your password via the old method (System Preferences/Users and Groups). Changing your password that way will change your computers login password, but will not change your IPG login password (which is the password which needs to be changed every 60 days). So, if you've mistakenly changed your password via System Preferences instead of Enterprise Connect, here's what you need to do.

1) Click the Enterprise Connect icon in the menu bar at the top (if it isn't in your menu bar, you can launch the app from your Applications folder). From the drop down menu, click "Reconnect":

***If you are prompted to login to Enterprise Connect, use your username ( first.last ) and your current Network/Email password to login.***

2) You will then be prompted to enter your current computer login password. This is the new password that you changed your password to in System Preferences:

3) Enterprise Connect will re-sync your computer login password with your current IPG Active Directory password. This will revert your computer login password to your most recent IPG password.

4) You will now need to change your password via Enterprise Connect. Instructions can be found here (use Option #1 for Enterprise Connect): Changing Your IPG Password (Mac)

5) Done!