You will need to have Microsoft Authenticator MFA set up before you can log in to your email account, or any other Office 365 application (webmail, Teams, OneDrive, etc.) You can follow the step by step instructions below, or check out the video tutorial here: (copy/paste this into your URL bar if clicking the link doesn't work)

***If you get a new mobile device, make sure you set up Microsoft Authenticator on the new device!***

1. In any web browser on your computer (not on your mobile device), navigate to (copy/paste this into your URL bar if clicking the link doesn't work)

2. On the OnePass login screen, enter your full email address and current password, and click Sign On:

3. One the following screen, you will be presented with options to setup Microsoft MFA or DUO Mobile MFA (which is used for VPN authentication). For this, you will hit the blue button for "Microsoft MFA Resistration":

4. On the following page, click the blue button for "Microsoft MFA Registration":

5. On the following page, enter your full email address (use as opposed to and click the Next button:

6. On the following page, click the blue button for "Set it up now":

7. On the following screen, click the drop down menu under "How should we contact you?" and select "Mobile app":

8. Next, click the radio button next to "Receive notifications for verification", then click the blue button for "Set up":


9. A window with a QR code will appear. Leave this on your screen and proceed to step 10.

10. On your mobile device, go to the App store and install the Microsoft Authenticator app, which should be available for free download from any mobile app store (iOS, Android, etc.):

11. When you open the app, you will receive a pop up asking about notifications. Click "Allow", then click "OK" if prompted with a message about app usage:

12. Swipe through the screens explaining what the app does, or click Skip at the bottom of the screen to proceed:

13. On the next screen, you will choose "Work or school account":

14: You receive a pop up asking for permission to access the camera. Click "OK":

15. Next, you will point the camera finder at the QR code that was generated in step 9 on your computer screen. The camera should automatically recognize the code once it is within the frame:

16. Once successfully scanned, you can click the "Next" button in the QR code window on your computer:

17. On the following screen, you should see a verification that "Mobile app has been configured for notifications and verification codes." Click "Next":

18. A verification request will be sent to your mobile device. Click "Approve":

***If at this point you see a 6 digit code with timer that keeps refreshing, this is normal. This is what the app was designed to do, generating new authentication codes which refresh every 30 seconds. If you see this screen, please proceed to step 19 below***

19. In the following screen on your computer, enter your mobile number, then click "Done":

20. On the following screen, click "Accept":

21. You should then see a window confirming that you have successfully setup Microsoft MFA for your IPG account. You may now close your browser window: