If you've gotten a new mobile device, you will need to set up that device for Microsoft Authenticator (if you transfer your data/settings over from your old phone, you will still need to set up the new device from scratch).

• Go to https://mfa.interpublic.com

• Go through any IPG logins.
• When you land on this page, click the Microsoft MFA Registration button.


• Click the Microsoft MFA Registration button again.


• Click the Sign in another way option.


• Choose either to call or text your cell phone. 

***If this is not showing, or is tied to a mobile number you do not have access to, contact the Helpdesk so we can clear your MFA settings and instruct you how to proceed***


• Choose "No" if asked to Stay signed in.


• Click the Devices and Preferences button.


• If you see your old device listed, click Delete on that device to remove it from your settings before proceeding:

• Now, under What's Your Preferred Option, select how you want to interact with the Authenticator. My preference is Notify Me Through App, which gives you a pop up notification, but you can also choose to use the app displayed in the Authenticator app, or you can choose to receive a text message code. Whatever you choose will be locked in moving forward:

• Next, click the Configure button.


• On your mobile phone, open the Authenticator app and click the “+” for Apple or the three dots plus Add Account on an Android.


• Click Work or school account.


• Point the camera from the phone to the QR code on the monitor (if prompted, chose to Allow the Authenticator app to access the camera). 


• You will be taken back to the last page and it will process the activation.


• When complete, you will be shown the Mobile app has been configured... message.


• Click the Save button, and you are done!