If you're having problems with your MultiFactor Authentication (MFA), we may want to change your default notification setting as a troubleshooting step. 

• Go to https://mfa.interpublic.com

• Go through any IPG logins.

• When you land on this page, click the Microsoft MFA Registration button.


• Click the Microsoft MFA Registration button again.


• Click the Sign in another way option.


• Choose either to call or text your cell phone. 

***If this is not showing, or is tied to a mobile number you do not have access to, contact the Helpdesk so we can clear your MFA settings and instruct you how to proceed***


• Choose "No" if asked to Stay signed in.


• Click the Devices and Preferences button.


The first thing you'll see is a drop down menu under "What's your preferred option?" 

Click this and select the option you'd prefer to use moving forward. 

Now click the "Save" button at the bottom, then click "Verify Preferred Option" on the pop up window that appears. 

Next, it will attempt to utilize the new preferred option to authenticate. For example, if you chose "Text code to my authentication phone", you'll receive a text to your phone with a 6 digit code and you'll be prompted on your computer screen to enter this code. 

After that, you're all set! All logins that require MFA will use this default notification method moving forward.