First, download the TeamViewer installer at the following link:

Next, open the TeamViewer.dmg file, which should be in your Downloads folder. 

Double-click the Install TeamViewer icon in the middle of the window to launch the installer. 

On the Introduction screen, hit Continue

On the License screen, hit Continue.

On the License Agreement pop up, hit Agree

On the Installation Type screen, hit Install. Enter your computer password to authenticate the install. 

At the point, the software will install and TeamViewer will be launched to the Initial Setup window. Click Continue

(The Install TeamViewer window will remain in the background saying "The installation was successful". Click Close, and then click Keep in the pop up window.)

The following screen will ask you to set up a Personal password. Click Skip

On the following screen, click Finish

At this point, you will see a Review System Access screen. 

Next to Screen Recording, click Request Access...

On the following pop up window, click Open System Preferences.

This will launch System Preferences at the Privacy setting that you'll need to edit. Click the lock in the lower right hand corner to allow you to edit the preferences 

When prompted, put in your computer password. 

Click the check box next to TeamViewer in the Screen Recording preferences pane.

If prompted to quit TeamViewer, click Later

Now navigate back to the Review System Access window. Do not quick out of System Preferences. 

Next, in the Accessibility section, click Request Access...

If you get a pop up window, click Open System Preferences. If it does not generate a pop up window, navigate back to System Preferences.

Once in System Preferencdes, simply click TeamViewer in the Accessibility preferences pane, which should look very similar to the Screen Recording preferences pane which you just enabled. 

Now navigate back to the Review System Access window. You should see green dots and Allowed under Screen Recording and Accessibility. We do not need to change Full Disk Access preferences. Click Close in the lower right corner. 

You will now be taken to a TeamViewer screen. Because the app will need to be restarted in order for the preferences we just changed to take effect, click TeamViewer in the menu bar at the top and select Quit TeamViewer. 

Now relaunch TeamViewer. It can be found in your Applications folder. 

The information you will need to send to IT in order to grant them access to your computer are Your ID and Password, under Allow Remote Control. The password changes each time you relaunch the application, so be prepared to send IT the new passwords if you are required to restart your computer or the TeamViewer application.