If your password has expired, you won't be able to log in to VPN and change your password using the Change Password option in Windows. Here's how to change it another way.

      1. Go to pm.interpublic.com 

      2. Log in with your full email address (not just your first.last) and most recent password.

      3. Click "Manage My Password" and then, at the next screen, "Change Password", and follow the prompts to         change your password there. 

Once that is completed, your network password will be changed, but your computer login password will still be your old expired password, and we don't want that, as it is annoying and could cause a lot of issues down the line (with apps like Outlook, Teams, and Skype For Business specifically, but also connecting to servers, etc.). So, follow the instructions below to get that lined back up with your new network password: 


  1. Log into VPN: Using GlobalProtect VPN
  2. Lock your computer screen (Windows key and L). 
  3. Unlock your computer with your new password.
  4. Your computer login password should now be your new password. You can disconnect from VPN.