1) Log in to VPN using GlobalProtect using the instructions at the link below. 

Using GlobalProtect VPN

***If you do not have GlobalProtect installed, you can download an installer at the following link. Download the package and then run it to install. If you need administrator credentials to install, let the help desk know and we can provide these to you: https://detvpn.interpublic.com/global-protect/getsoftwarepage.esp

2) Next, launch the Self Service application (in your Applications folder), and log in with your user name (firstname.lastname) and your current password. 

3) One you're in Self Service, navigate to the Machine Maintenance section on the left, and within there, run the SEP Atomic Bomb installer:

This will initiate the uninstall of the Symantec software, and once it's done, your computer will restart. 

4) Once the machine has restarted, log back into your computer and connect to VPN using GlobalProtect again (using the instructions at the link above). 

5) Log back into Self Service, and find the installer called Refresh My Data, and click Send:

Once that is complete, you can quit out of Self Service. This should cause your machine to automatically pull down and install the correct version of Symantec Endpoint Protection, just leave your computer connected to the GlobalProtect VPN for about 45 minutes to let it do it's thing. Once it's installed, you should receive a pop up box saying your computer needs to restart in 5 minutes; click OK and let it restart. 

You can check in your Applications folder on your computer to see if Symantec has been reinstalled: you'll see a folder called Symantec Solutions. 

6) Once your computer is restarted, follow the steps below to update your antivirus signatures:

How to update your Symantec antivirus signatures 

Now you're done!