If you’re going to be out of the office for ANY reason—whether for vacation, working from home, studio / shoot work, etc.—please schedule it on our OOO calendar.

By entering your OOO time into this calendar, it provides HR and creative resourcing with a daily snapshot of who is out – and why / where you are. 

To get vacation time approved:

  • Check in with your supervisor to make sure your vacation dates will work around current projects and to arrange for a back-up person 

To schedule the time in the OOO calendar:

  • Create a new event in your calendaring application (Apple Calendar or Microsoft Outlook).
  • In the subject line: “Your Full Name vacation / in studio / at shoot, etc." (there are several people scheduling themselves OOO every day. This allows us to identify quickly who on the calendar who is out).
  • Schedule which days you will be out.
  • Invite CMWDetroitOOO.CR@commonwealth-team.com 
  • cc: your supervisor  (Autumn Maison, Rich Silva, Traci Armstrong are automatically invited to all OOO invites).
  • Hit Send.

While you’re out: 

  • Set-up an email auto reply while you’re out with information about who should be contacted in your absence. 

If your need to be out of the office is last-minute (sick, family emergency, etc.), please be sure to let both your immediate supervisor and add it to the OOO calendar.

If you need a quick hands-on tutorial on how this works, please let Traci Armstrong know.