First, verify that you have FileMaker Pro installed on your computer by checking in your Applications folder (on a Mac), or your Start Menu (on a Windows computer). If you do not have FileMaker Pro, please request that it be installed by the Commonwealth Help Desk.

Next, verify that you have CRS access. The help desk can verify this for you. 

Once you have these prerequisites satisfied, do the following:

1. Download the Detroit CRS Launcher.fmp12 file, attached to this page, and place on your Desktop.

2. Double-click it.

3. FileMaker Pro should launch, and show you the Detroit CRS Launcher window. Click "Open CRS".

4. You will be prompted for login credentials, which are your current IPG/Commonwealth credentials (same as your email and computer login). Enter them, and click OK.

5. If you are prompted for your name and email information, provide it, then click OK.