**This article is intended for employees of Commonwealth//McCann.**

Outlook for Mac

  • From the File menu, choose Open > Other User's Folder...

    *If the Account field populates with a drop-down menu, this means you have multiple accounts attached to your Outlook (beyond your primary email account, you may have a shared mailbox or two).  Please select the account with the appropriate permissions for the shared calendar that you are trying to open (most likely your primary email account, which is probably labeled as "Commonwealth").*

  • Change the Type to Calendar or Inbox.
  • Enter a part of the user's name you'd like to open, and click OK. ¬†(for Commonwealth Detroit conference rooms, type CR: DET CMW to pull up a list to choose from.)
  • Choose the desired account from the resulting window, and click Select.

  • When prompted for autoconfiguration confirmation, check the "Always use..." box, and click Allow.

Done! The requested calendar should now show in your Outlook calendar or mailbox list.

Apple Mail

Sorry, shared mailboxes cannot be opened in Apple Mail.