***Before connecting to IPG VPN, you'll first need to register your mobile device with the Duo Mobile app in order to use IPG's Multi Factor Authentication. Instructions to register can be found here: Duo Mobile Multi Factor Authentication Setup

***Your Symantec antivirus signatures will need to be up to date in order to successfully connect (if they aren't, you will get an error that the "endpoint is out of compliance".) While they should update automatically, here's a link to instructions on how to manually update your antivirus signatures in case you get the compliance error: How to update your Symantec antivirus signatures

1: On your PC or Mac, look for Pulse Secure from your System Tray (PC) or Menu Bar (Mac):

PC                                    Mac

***If you don't see the icon in your System Tray or Menu Bar, check your All Programs (PC) or Application folder (Mac) for Pulse Secure.

2: Click on the icon to bring up a list of VPN Connections:

PC                                                                    Mac

3: Hover your mouse pointer over the North America SSL VPN, then select Connect from the pop out menu.

PC                                                                                                             Mac

4: A box asking you to select a Realm appears. Please select MFA_IPGNA_Windows if you're on a PC, MFA_IPGNA_MAC if you're on a Mac.

PC                                                                                                    Mac

5: Enter your standard first.last user name and IPG password in these fields. 

You do not need to enter our domain (IPGNA) or your email suffix ( in the user name field.

Make sure you are entering the password you use to log in to your computer/email, and NOT a code from the Duo Mobile app. You will use this passcode in the next step. 

PC                                                                                                    Mac

6: The next step involves opening the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device. You have two options here: 

Option A) You can either hit the key icon within Duo Mobile to generate a one-time authentication code, which you would enter in the Secondary Password field and then hit Connect. 

Option B) You can simply type the word "push" into the Secondary Password field and click Connect, which will send a push notification to your phone and prompt Duo Mobile to present you with an Approve or Deny screen, at which point you would hit Approve.

PC                                                                                                    Mac

One-time code screen:

Push notification screen:

7: That's it! You should now be connected to IPG VPN. The Pulse Secure icon in your System Tray or Menu Bar should now have a green arrow indicating that you're connected:

PC                                                             Mac

8: When you're done using IPG VPN, please disconnect by selecting the Pulse Secure icon in your System Tray or Menu Bar, select the service that is running (North America SSL VPN) and choose Disconnect from the drop down menu:

PC                                                                                         Mac