**This article is intended for employees of Commonwealth//McCann.**

These instructions walk you through creating and adding your new Commonwealth//McCann signature in Outlook (Mac or PC) and Apple Mail (Mac).  

The consistent appearance of your signature with the rest of the agency is paramount. Please ensure that your signature matches the following diagram as closely as possible:


The first step is to download the Signature Template.eml file at the bottom of this article. When you have it opened, go in and edit the template to reflect your information (name, job title, work number, mobile number). Once it is edited, select the entire signature plus one line above your name (as demonstrated below) to ensure proper formatting. 

Once you have the signature copied, follow the instructions below for your platform to add the signature to your email program. 

Microsoft Outlook (Mac)

1. From the Outlook menu (next to the Apple menu), choose Preferences, then Signatures in the preferences window.

2. Click the + button to create a new signature. A new window will appear with a text field with your name auto-filled in it. Delete your typed name and paste the signature you copied from the Signature Builder site. You'll see a clipboard icon on the right below the pasted signature. Click the drop down arrow next to this and select "Keep Source Formatting". You may also edit the Signature Name to whatever you like (I've chosen "Commonwealth")


3. Next, click the Save icon in the upper left side of that window, and then you can click the red button to close that window. 

4. Next,  at the bottom of the window under "Choose default signature:", choose your newly created signature from the drop down menus for "New messages" and "Replies/forwards". 

5. You may now click the red button in the upper left corner of the window to exit out of Outlook preferences. 


Microsoft Outlook (Windows)

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2010. From the File menu, choose Options, then Mail.

2. Next, click the Signatures… button to the right of "Create or modify signatures for messages."

3. Click the New button, give your new signature a meaningful name (such as "Commonwealth"), and click OK.

4. Paste your signature into the "Edit signature" section

5. In the "Choose default signature" section, be sure to select your new signature in the "New messages" and "Replies/forwards" drop-down menus, then click the OK button, then the OK button in the Options window.


Apple Mail

1. From the Mail menu (next to the Apple menu), choose Preferences, then Signatures in the Preferences window.

2. Select your Commonwealth account (may be labeled "Exchange"), and click the + button to create a new signature.  You can rename the signature if you like (I have renamed mine "Commonwealth").  

3. Delete the pre-filled information in your new signature, then paste in your copied signature. 

*You may see a box with a question mark where the logo image appears when you paste your signature.  

This is ok, the logo will appear when you send emails.

4. Finally, select your Exchange account in the list to the left, and select your new signature from the "Choose Signature" drop-down to ensure its inclusion in all newly-authored emails for your Commonwealth account.


Any questions/issues please email helpdesk@commonwealth-team.com.