What is Aspera?

Aspera Faspex is a platform that McCann Worldgroup has put in place to make getting files from point to point—that being from Detroit to Troy, or Detroit to Bangladesh—as easy and fast as possible. Files, or even sets of files, from 20MB to 20GB or even higher, Aspera gets it there fast—several times faster than FTP, and all via a web-based interface*.

Here's how to Register for Aspera if you don’t already have an account:
  1. Go to https://transfer.myworldgroup.com/aspera/faspex in your web browser.  Please disregard the URL in the PDF guide and use this address instead!!!  
  2. Select the Request an Account link.
  3. Input your preferred login name, email address, first and last name, accept the terms of service and click the Request account button to continue.
Your user account will be processed by the administrator, and the system will send you the login approval once it's ready.

Our fellow IPG friends at Craft have put together this handy, simple guide to help get you started using Aspera, which you can find below. Of course, if you have trouble, please reach out to us.

* Aspera does require a browser plugin and desktop applications, which should install and invoke automatically.